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SD-Access Deep Dive Workshop (Cisco DNA Center Advanced)

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This Cisco DNA Center Advanced Training has a focused hands-on approach to the SD-A solution. In this workshop, you will have a closer look at the SD-Access. With this course, you’ll be able to make the best design decision regarding the deployment of SD-A in your network. By knowing all the options and features, you will be able to use the SD-A solution at its best. In addition, you will be able to profit from all the advantages of SD-A in the provisioning and the operation of your network thanks to automation and programming.


If you’re new to the SDA, start with Establish SD-A in your Enterprise Workshop (Cisco DNA Center Fundamentals).



Day 1

Deep Dive Connecting the Fabric to External Networks

  • Border Layer 3 Handoff with VRF-Lite
  • Border Resiliency (HA)
  • Shared Services with Border
  • WAN Connectivity with Border
  • Multiple Fabric Domains Connectivity with Border
  • Service Chaining with Border
  • Data Center Connectivity with Border
  • Internet Connectivity with Border


  • Configuration of a VXLAN handoff to MPLS
  • Configuration of a transit network between 2 Fabrics


Day 2

Deep Dive Migration and Integrate with Existing Network

SD-Access Migration: Using new Subnets, New Switches

  • User Onboarding
  • External Route Exchange
  • Retain Existing Subnets
  • Migrating Routed Access
  • Deep Dive Integrate Wireless in SD-Access


  • Migration from a classical network to an SD-A fabric.

Day 3

Deep Dive Integration with Data Center Architectures

Deep Dive Extending Secure Segmentation and Policy into the IoT Space

  • SD-Access Integration with DC
  • ACI Integration
  • Non-ACI Integration
  • Cloud Integration
  • SD-Access use cases for IoT Networks
  • IoT Deployments across Multiple Sites
  • SD-Access Extended Node Functionality for IoT


  • Configuration of a interconnect between an ACI Fabric and an SD-A Fabric


Day 4

Deep Dive SD-Access Wireless Integration

Deep Dive Policy-Driven Manageability

Deep Dive Secure Segmentation

  • Secure Segmentation Case Study
  • Access Policy: Authentication and Authorization
  • Access Control Policy
  • Application Policy
  • Extending Policy across domains: From Access to Data Center
  • SD-Access Wireless Guest Design
  • SD-Access Wireless Over the Top (OTT)
  • SD-Access Wireless in Distributed Campus
  • High Availability in SD-Access Wireless


  • Configuration of a seamless interconnects between an ACI tenant and an SD-A VN with end-to-end Security mapping.


Day 5

Deep Dive SD-Access Assurance and Analytics

Deep Dive SD-Access programmability and API advanced

  • Advanced python
  • ISE APIs
  • DNA-Center APIs
  • Configuration of IOS-XE with NETCONF
  • Working with a flask for websites


  • Programming the SD-A using the REST APIs
  • Configuration of a business controller to provision a new service with a simplified GUI


Target Audience

Network and IT professionals are always looking for ways to improve the design and operations of their networks.



Establish SD-A in your Enterprise Workshop (Cisco DNA Center Fundamentals)