DNA Center Troubleshooting Bootcamp Material

DNA Center Troubleshooting Bootcamp

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Day 1

Troubleshooting Cisco DNA Center Architecture, Provisioning and Assurance

  1. Cisco DNA Center Architecture overview
  • Cisco DNA Center System UI and Shell (maglev}
  • Cisco DNA Center – Networking
  • High availability architectural overview
  • Understanding and using RCA
  • Cisco DNA Center User Interface Architecture
  1. Automation
  • Software Image Management (SWIM)
  • Surfing through the Cisco DNA Center logs (Kibana and CLI)
  • Plug and Play
  • LAN Automation
  • Provisioning
  1. Assurance
  • Workflow
  • Troubleshooting
  1. Best Practices


  • Troubleshooting DNA Center (troubleshooting the services with magctl, logs)
  • SWIM
  • PnP

Troubleshooting Software-Defined Access

  1. The fabric
  • LISP operations (wireshark capture of the control-plane operations)
  • VXLAN encapsulation (wireshark capture of the packet encapsulation)
  1. Layer 3 Forwarding
  • IP anycast
  • Registration of endpoints
  • Packet walkthrough analysis with CLI
  • DHCP in the fabric


Day 2

Troubleshooting Software-Defined Access (Continued)

  1. Layer 2 Forwarding
  • Packet walkthrough analysis with CLI
  • ARP in the fabric
  1. Authentication
  2. Secure Fabric
  • Cisco Trustsec
  • CTS enforcement


  • Troubleshooting SD-A
  • five TS tickets to practice troubleshooting

Cisco DNA Center Programmability

  1. Cisco DNA Center API Overview
  2. Postman collection and DNA Center token
  3. Cisco DNA authentication in Python
  4. Helper functions in Python


  • Python script to display the list of devices